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2012 Dairy Facility Award

Sponsored by Faromor Ltd.


Built by: Sylvain Cheff Construction
Owned by: Falling Star Farms
Engineered by: Jean-Denis Major                        

Project consisted of:

  • 177’ x 100’ freestall barn
  • 72’ x   61’ milk house and parlour
  • 14’ x   16’ pump house
  • Double 8 Westfalia herringbone parlour.
  • Front of milking parlour , all glass overhead doors and windows to allow for maximum natural lighting and  natural ventilation during hot summer days when those doors and windows are open.
  • Five 72” cyclone fan for air circulation with low energy consumption.
  • Ventec natural ventilation balloon curtains in parlour and barn.
  • Marvec Greca corrugated plastic on ceiling in parlour, barn and milk house  with fire retardant.
  • All puckboard  sheating for walls everywhere.
  • 10  Ventec  chimneys .
  • Houle alley scrappers fully automatic with automat.
  • Houle magnum pump.
  • Fully automatic sorting gate for three different group.
  • Old Style wood beam post with 3 feet of stone at the bottom on milking parlour and milk house.
  • All lighting is T5 neons.
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