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System Equine


55-Stall Equine Wellness Facility

  • Extensive renovations and new buildings for Equine Wellness Facility
  • 42,550 sq. ft. Equestrian complex all connected together
  • 41-stall main horse barn
    • Fully automated Ventilation system throughout
    • Stalls feature custom hay feeders, block dividing walls covered in rubber, 2 water taps in each stall & power receptacle shared per 2 stalls
    • Plastic lined walls for best cleanability for horse health & wellness
    • Interlocking rubber aisles throughout with in-floor heat everywhere + hidden drains
  • 36’ x 58’ Wellness Centre
    • State of the art in horse health, recovery & wellness
    • 2 treadmills: Aqua treadmill & dry treadmill for horse rehabilitation - set into pits in the floor
    • Water spa featuring salt water & ultra-chilled water for shock therapy treatment
    • Vibration plates & Solariums
    • 3 standing stalls for hand held therapies including laser, magnets, ultrasound, respiratory
    • Hidden mechanical rooms for specialized equipment, water tanks, pumps and more
  • 76x192’ Riding Arena and connecting links/viewing rooms
    • Fully insulated riding arena with fully insulated link leading to it from the barn
    • 8’ x 192’ walkway running the full length of the arena for human flow & safety
    • Large glass windows & multiple rollup doors for ease of access
    • Quality sand for soft & stable footing for all horses
    • Viewing room with complete kitchen, bathroom, lounge & Management offices
    • Fully finished & furnished with A/C, heat & a fireplace & large angled windows to arena
  • 80x78’ Horse Exerciser area
    • Attached to the arena, this fully insulated building houses a 60’ hot walker / horse exerciser
    • Completely rubber floor for premium horse safety
    • 5 complete stalls for over-flow, quarantine or holding options for additional horses
  • 50’x72’ Hay & Shavings Storage
    • Large building for lots of hay & shavings storage
    • Fully insulated & lined interior & large rollup overhead doors
    • Includes a large feed room with mezzanine storage above
  • 36x70’ detached farm shop
    • Fully insulated & lined with heat for all farm equipment & maintenance
    • Keeps the equipment away from the horse stables for safety factors
    • Includes an office featuring 3 workspaces & reception
  • 36 x 72’ 9-stall detached horse barn
    • A replica of the main barn this barn is built to serve multiple seasonal options
    • Brood Mare barn providing up to 4 foaling stall options and can be used for stallions or quarantine if needed
    • Includes its own hay storage, feed-room, tack-room & bathroom.
    • Includes in-floor heat, rubber floors, custom stalls & automated ventilation system
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