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AWARDED TO: Bender Contracting 
SPONSORED BY: The Sarjeant Company In Memory of Calvin Kloosterman 

The Sarjeant Company

DESIGNED BY: Maranda Farms + Bender Contracting Inc. 
ENGINEERED BY: Tacoma Engineers
65’-6” x 500’ Single Story Broiler Barn and 30’ x 20’ Generator Building for a total project of 33,350 sf.
5’-4” high foundation insulated sandwich walls
On grade insta panel insulation below concrete floor to keep the floor warm
2” x 6” wall x 8’ high lumber framed wall construction for clear ceiling height of 10’-6”
R22 roxul batt wall insulation and 6 mil poly vapour barrier for a tightly enclosed wall assembly
29 ga. exterior steel siding and trims on exterior walls and roof
pvc ag liner interior wall and ceiling finish for a water tight interior finish.
Plastic coated plywood interior utility room and office.
PVC Pedestrian doors and composite threshold
Hinged insulated covers eliminating handling and storage of fan winter covers 
Cross and Tunnel Ventilation controlled by Genius controller
MABRE Furnace and inflated tube heating system
LED Lighting
Automatic transfer Generating System


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