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2011 Swine Facility Award

Sponsored by Tacoma Engineers

Tacoma Engineers

Built by: FGC Limited
Owned by: Netherland Acres
Engineered by: Stonecrest Engineering

Gilt isolation barn 55'-4" wide x 145'-4" long

Manure storage is in a 7’-5” deep gutter system beneath the slatted floors.

  • Extensive use of plastics and stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning.
  • 240 Days manure storage under barn designed for removal without agitation for operator and animal safety.
  • Under floor ventilation with heat recovery unit to preheat incoming air, vastly improving energy efficiency
  • Well insulated foundations, walls, under floors, ceilings and under roof, doors and windows for energy efficiency.
  • Custom penning with included boar stalls to assist in breeding efficiency
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