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The Canadian Farm Builders Association

Who we are

The Canadian Farm Builders Association was established by a group of farm building contractors who met on February 5th, 1980 with the purpose of establishing uniformity and standards in the farm building industry.

Today our members include numerous stakeholders within the agricultural and construction sectors; farm builders, engineers, building officials, suppliers of products and services in support of farm building, and representatives from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).

“Quality is the result of current knowledge of building codes, construction practices and environmental requirements.”

The complexity of the farm building has increased significantly over the last number of years. Today's farm buildings incorporate components that produce healthy livestock, save energy, and protect the environment. Our members have access to ongoing educational opportunities and advisories as well as communications regarding regulations and best practices.

What we do:

  • Promote and advance the construction of structurally sufficient, environmentally sound, and efficient farm buildings in Canada
  • Furtherthestandardsoffarmsstructuresthroughresearch, education and practical application
  • Encouragehighqualityworkandfairdealingsbyourmembers towards the farming community and the general public
  • Representthemembershipinlegislationproposals,codes,safety, labour, and other matters administered by governments
  • Organize and support meetings to provide education and exchange of information amongst our members
  • Promoteandfosterthesafety,knowledge,skill,capability, sustainability and fairly earned success of our members

Our members build:

  • poultry barns
  • pole barns
  • beef and dairy barns
  • hobby/recreation facilities
  • hay and crop storage
  • warehouse facilities
  • manufacturing plants
  • chemical and pesticide storage
  • horse riding arenas
  • swine housing
  • machinery storage sheds
  • workshops
  • wholesale & retail facilities
  • vegetable stands
  • drive sheds

We host an Annual Conference, an Annual Golf Tournament, and an Annual Awards competition, and offer additional opportunities for education, recognition, and networking throughout the year.

You can reach us at: cfba@cfba.ca
Tel. (519) 824-0809 www.cfba.ca

Canadian Farm Builders Association members have opportunities for:

  • Connecting with the Farm Building community of builders, suppliers and trades, as well as technical and government representatives
  • Awareness of new regulations and legislation that impact the Farm Building sector, keeping members informed on regulatory and compliance issues
  • Building relationships within the Farm Building industry, network with experienced colleagues, discuss shared concerns and interest maintain
  • Education. Expand professional skills and knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Awareness of topics of concern and challenges in the industry
  • Advocacy and strengthening of the farm building industry

We hope you decide to join us!

Canadian Farm Builders Association Annual General Meeting

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