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CCDC - Canadian Construction Documents Committee
CCDC Canadian Construction Documents Committee

CCDC Documents are relied on as familiar industry standards for their fairness and balance for all parties involved in a construction project. See the CCDC website for information + FAQ's:


CSSBI - Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute
Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute

Questions occasionally arise about how sheet steel building products meet the requirements of the National and Provincial building codes related to fire protection. The objective of this Fact Sheet is to highlight certain building code requirements and show how sheet steel building products comply. Read more here:

Sheet Steel Building Products Fire Facts 48-17


Recommendations - Barn Features to Accommodate Modular Loading of Poultry 

Recommendations for new barns and for retrofitting existing poultry barns as recommended by The Association of Ontario Chicken Processors (AOCP), The Poultry Services Association (PSA), and the Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO), effective July 2017:

Poultry Service Association                   Chicken Farmers Ontario                  Assocation of Ontario Chicken Processors

CSSBI - Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute

Sheet Steel Facts 18
Sheet Steel Products and Pressure Treated Wood

Many buildings will include wood members in applications such as sill plates, splash boards, strapping, purlins, door or window bucks, and posts. In some of these end-uses it is a requirement that the wood be chemically treated (pressure treated) to extend the service life. Designers and builders need to be aware that changes in the available wood perservatives may impact the durability of any connected steel components or fasteners. Read more here: 

Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute

 MiTek Canada

MiTek Canada and the CFBA recently partnered on a seminar to educate CFBA members about mitigating factors related to the corrosion of truss plates in high-humidity agricultural applications. The following is an information sheet created by MiTek to reinforce the information provided in the seminar.


This link has guidelines for daily truck inspections complete with samples


Reducing the Risk of Fire on your Farm

Reducing the Risk of Fire on your Farm

Operators need to perform a risk assessment of their farm buildings to consider the operational impact a fire could cause on their farm. As part of the risk assessment, direct specific attention toward the safety of family and employees, and the level of compliance with Codes requirements. All parties involved with designing, constructing and operating farm buildings must understand the importance of following best management practices to protect these large investments and the people working in the facilities.
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Transitioning the Family Business

Agriculture - Plan for today’s future:


Ontario College of Trades Enforcement Officers


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